40:60 The Fever Broke

God in the City © twyatt 2014
God in the City © twyatt 2014

The fever broke. Temperatures are below 80 and the difference is nearly palatable.  Like a great exhale of summer endurance; not realizing just how bad it was until these hints of fall visit the screens of my windows.  I don’t even care that the sun is napping; these cloudy skies soften the busyness of the city – her noises and demands.

With near pavlovian response, I want to wallow in autumn with fond memories of making chili, smelling cinnamon, watching football, and cozy-in for the winter.  But, I get a bit ahead of myself – it’s just under 80, not near winter, but the fever has broke.

2 thoughts on “40:60 The Fever Broke”

  1. LOVE this imagery! LOVE the thought that it is OK to let myself think for a minute that summer actually come to an end. I don’t like September, ever; it feels like a trick… a total illusion. Pinterest boards and my own experience tells me that September is a big month of change, but in Texas — and at this time in my life — nothing is changing. But today — a sign of things to come.

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