40:60 My Soul Melts

Soul Melts crackAs much as I would love to be with Mom and Trudy again – to laugh with them, cry, fight!, and feel Mother’s soft loving caress again, it is really Christ, the incarnate God that I seek while I am here on the plane of flesh and spirit.

Only Christ; the One and all of us that knows the depth of my sorrows and the prayer of my consolations. Continue reading 40:60 My Soul Melts

40:60 Fall!

Autumn Leaf © twyatt 2014Father, Mother God of all, I come like so many before me come to You.

I come with shame that I want a prize – a thing of wonder. I arrive to this moment, stirred and embarrassed that it is not enough – this comfort of a soft seat, cuppa tea, and my husband sleeping just down the hall.

My head knows it is ridiculous to yearn for out-of-reach things when all of this right here is more than I could have imagined.  And more my heart knows than I deserve.  

Yet, grace follows the fall.  It comes before winter, and spring, and summer; then, before I know it she comes again in a shower of another year. Then another.  And another to this now.

Through all of these now and then’s, You have known the rhythm and season of my story and my soul.  And in these more recent years you have helped me to see the tattered and ragged parts of me with greater balance and fairer sight.  You know also that I still struggle and linger for a hint to the meanings of what remains of these last few days before sixty.

I’m going to be still now and practice silence over speeches to the pages and walls of my ego, and rest in these quiet spaces of Fall with you.

40:60 While I’m Here

God in the City © twyatt 2014
God in the City © twyatt 2014

While I’m here, I pray and ask to be stilled when frenzied and nudged to your side when I stray; restrained from my lower instincts of perceived survival, or following entertainment when it is at the expense of others or my own personal Rule of Life.

And when I get bored Continue reading 40:60 While I’m Here

40:60 The Fall & The Flight

A dear friend introduced this to me yesterday.  It has stayed with me and is taking root.  And reminds me, encourages me of the ideals I am seeking to live – willing to live in the fall as well as the flight. How blessed we are by the words of others and the friends that help us notice.  I share these here with you. Continue reading 40:60 The Fall & The Flight

40:60 The Fever Broke

God in the City © twyatt 2014
God in the City © twyatt 2014

The fever broke. Temperatures are below 80 and the difference is nearly palatable.  Like a great exhale of summer endurance; not realizing just how bad it was until these hints of fall visit the screens of my windows.  I don’t even care that the sun is napping; these cloudy skies soften the busyness of the city – her noises and demands. Continue reading 40:60 The Fever Broke

40:60 Vespers in the City

God in the City © twyatt 2014
God in the City © twyatt 2014

As part of my personal Rule of Life to include daily Vespers, I’m keeping an eye out – looking for where I can create and experience the essence of Vespers in the City.

Today my personal “vespers” showed up in the Sanctuary at my church.  All the lights were off; soft sunshine bent into gentle shadows through our colorful iconic stained glass windows.

The word “richness” shows up no sooner than my slight bow at the front altar.  I move to my place on the pew, begin reading today’s Psalms from the Book of Common Prayer, and listen.

Sanctuary Continue reading 40:60 Vespers in the City

40:60 But For a Fleeting Moment

God in the City © twyatt 2014
God in the City © twyatt 2014

There it is again.  Fleeting feelings fighting to the surface with a heralding heart, the futility of reaching out for God like a blind child beneath a piñata.

Stillness and wonder calming a scattered mind when reminded that it is the practice of faith – seeking, self-admonitions, hopes, and disappointments – on the path inward that rings most true to the nature of man created by God. Continue reading 40:60 But For a Fleeting Moment