Forgiven, forgotten

Sunlight stares downward the darkest of nights
Villains are fought on sloped landscapes of ice
External extremes meet with awkward embrace
Silent-still settles, silhouetted in grace

Morning enlivens the deadwood of sin
Seedlings are launched by the meadow’s soft wind
Locks of logic land on the altars of mutes
Instincts are tempered, then pulled up by their roots

Afternoon shadows deep decades of doubt
Fig trees are blooming past peril of drought
Inky clouds of witness rain truth on the known
Idol hearts are frozen, then captured in stone.

Mellifluous moonlight spates decay of souls
Stratum of histories casts layers and folds
Faithful foretelling rise by sword in the spring
Visions birthed as a child, but dreamt by a King

Starlight is flooding the driest of tears
Crimson drapes hang in the chamber of fears
Swaddling transfigures to impermanent shroud
Seasons of sins forgiven, forgotten now.

Walking Prayers

Walking PrayersPraying for peace one step at a time.

Dedicating prayers as we walk a mile, or just a few steps, can make us powerful warriors against the enemies of our minds and in our world. Choose a route, or a step, and pray for a loved one or an enemy – perceived or real.

Experiment with dedicating a walk to a friend in loss or need or illness – see if you can hold for her hope and loving thoughts the entire way.

Be willing to pray for your “enemies” of doubt and fear, or boss or politician. Dig deep into your treasure chest of pride and prejudice and choose to pray for their enlightenment, and for your own. Pray for them and their families; pray that all hearts be softened and for your own transformation from fear to love.

Be a moveable priest in prayer and prove that we are not impotent against wars when we enlist and follow Christ’s commands of love.

“We cannot run to all parts of the world to bind up the wounds of the sick of body or assist the mentally disturbed, but the contemplative soul in deep prayer before the throne of the Father is exercising the healing power of Jesus Christ.” (The Jesus Prayer, George A Maloney, S.J., Dove Publications)