Easter Love

This year I walked into Lent with a desire and intention to love Jesus more, and more than the pleasures and comforts of food. But now that I am here, in the wonder and mystery and grace of Easter, I think I am hearing Jesus asking me to love myself more.

To love myself more authentically and with a higher priority than ever before in my life. To love with an eye towards caring for the body and soul of me; to keep what was born in good, to do good; for others and this world of my times.

I am surprised and still withdraw from the notions of loving myself as this Easter gift unfolds. Yet, in the listening – when all of the daily dramas and internal distractions are stilled and settled into this quiet time with You, I hear, “Love yourself as I have commanded you to love others. And by this you are loving Me.”

I am humbled and grateful for these loving whispers. And I don’t think the message is just for me.