40:60 Vespers in the City

God in the City © twyatt 2014
God in the City © twyatt 2014

As part of my personal Rule of Life to include daily Vespers, I’m keeping an eye out – looking for where I can create and experience the essence of Vespers in the City.

Today my personal “vespers” showed up in the Sanctuary at my church.  All the lights were off; soft sunshine bent into gentle shadows through our colorful iconic stained glass windows.

The word “richness” shows up no sooner than my slight bow at the front altar.  I move to my place on the pew, begin reading today’s Psalms from the Book of Common Prayer, and listen.


For your richness,
oh precious one.

Sit here in my presence
of timeless oneness.

Soak in my companionship
of limitless care.

Listen to the tune of your Soul
where I impress my affections.

Look as a child to the wonder of light.

And rest in this moment,
sought and given,
inhaled and exhaled,
one breath at a time.

One thought on “40:60 Vespers in the City”

  1. Thank you for sharing SANCTUARY. I continue to contemplate its richness. A sanctuary I have found on my daily walks in Hermann Park is an art installation entitled VEIN OF SKY located
    on the lake near the Tiffany and Co. bridge. The artist’s large apparatus translates the motion of birds, leaves, clouds, wind, as well as weather phenomena like humidity into a song of sound.
    Listening, I don’t need my eyes to experience the refreshing environment.

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