3 thoughts on “We Answer”

  1. I thought it was going to cost less, this becoming my real authentic self. I am beginning to glimpse the price is the surrender of my fantasies. Joan Chittister assures me surrender “is not about giving up, it is about moving on.” Detaching is painful and requires I trust God in more bedrock ways that God’s reality is worth it.

  2. In the interim, God has sent me messengers to respond to my fears of vulnerability and powerlessness, so that my real fear of being shamed for Not Knowing (I am a 5, after all) could be brought into the Light. I have hope that I will start living in this freedom that I know not yet how to name. If I am at peace and absolved of my fear of shame, then maybe I can grow into being a moveable priest.

    1. Barb, both of these comments are so welcomed and remind me how when we connect with one another, we get to discover the hurt parts and the lifelines back to a Self that is more free to love. And to receive love. Thank you.

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