Clean It Up – Dream It Up

It’s almost New Year’s Eve – that magical yet pesky night of regrets and renewals bridging past and future plots as fast and glittery as any Mad Man script.

I just finished making my first list of closing out 2012 and thoughts for 2013, and I find that I have two items needing attention before the last day of the year.  I do not want to do either as they are along the lines of amends.  But, I will, as a practical practice that helps make my life work better, prepares me to better love and serve, and unblocks the doorway to dream.

And dream I do.  I have so many hopes, goals, creative projects and optimistic outlooks for the new year that I sit here in a bit of awe.  What a life we get to live that we get to clean it up and dream it up – both, however, could be dangerous slopes for me if not step and Spirit-led. 

So as we come to the close of this year, I hope you too can find a permissive pause to listen to your heart.  And may the peace of God greet you in this moment between the years – this threshold of dreams.

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