Earth Day 2023

Earth Day. Trudy’s birthday.

I tried not to think too much about today and it being Trudy’s birthday and fittingly, Earth Day. But too many mystical tugs and sweet remembrances from friends made it impossible for me to not write about the beauty of Trudy and the beauty of our Earth.

Anyone who knew Trudy knew and loved her cerebral and artful celebration of the Earth and all of its creatures – loving with equanimity the beetle and the monarch, the have’s and the have-nots.

When we were little, she walked me through woods pointing out small spring flowers like they were royalty, then in our later years, as if it were second nature to her, she nonchalantly shaped candle wax into rosebuds as she listened and laughed with us at her kitchen table.

Trudy gave me, and many, gifts that I continue to carry with me including a reminder to look for beauty in Nature and her seasons of spring and winter, beginnings and endings. By what she saw and taught me as a teacher and sister, I see and celebrate Trudy in these three images.

Trudy’s Tree Pecos 2023, sent to me over Easter by dear friends who recently visited our woodsy tribute to Trudy. Thank you.

Earth Day Snow 2023, sent to me from home in Illinois by someone who lovingly remembers the special link between Trudy’s birthday and Earth Day, and all of us. Thank you.

And, Olive Sparrow, today, as I found him just outside our window.

At first I could only think of bad things – a tragedy, an omen, do I wait for Les to come home to “deal” with it? But, when I got close and saw his beauty – the muted yet shimmery green feathers perfectly fanned and an uncanny appearance of peace – I knew he deserved to be properly cared for and buried. It was easy, then, to see and do right by this little creature, and for this I say thank you.

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