Lifeline To A Friend

Lifeline to a friend,

After a long, longer, longest of time I am at my computer today, doing what I have intuitively known was needed next on the memoir, and I feel dusty. All over. Dirt of the past and who I was has clung to me like lint to charged-up plastic sleeves.

I’m stepping away. I’m making myself remember you, and what you might need. I write this note and remember who I am. Today.

That none of this today could be as it is without the path to here. It just works this way. I am all that I have done, known, experienced. I am also what I hope to be by the grace light of God.

There. That helps. Grace-light of God. And friends who show up and journey for awhile, if not always, with me as I am.

Love you. Bunches.

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