Looking Forward To Pecos

Pecos River © Twyatt 2012Pecos View © Twyatt 2012Pecos Angel © Twyatt 2012

A few have asked about where I am going and what I am doing in June?  Here’s the link to where I will be, Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey in Pecos, New Mexico, plus a few pictures from when I was there in 2012.

I will be attending the Pecos Benedictine Charismatic School for Spiritual Direction including classes, group activities, meeting with an assigned Spiritual Director, prayers and quiet time for study and personal reflection. I believe most of the time will be in silence, other than the classes, and I’m imagining that will be welcomed – to a point. I love what description the School includes in their introduction:

The initial phase lasts about thirty days and introduces the participant to living a more balanced life style and deepening one’s relationship with God. The school is multifaceted blending Christian spirituality with Jungian psychology thus providing each individual the opportunity for a life changing experience bringing about inner healing and wholeness.

This is a dream come true for me, and as much as I’m looking forward to going, I’ve also noticed in the the past few days twinges of what the reality of being away from husband, friends and life here might feel like in day 8, or 18, or  28?   Because thirty days is starting to feel alot longer than when I first said yes.  Thirty days feels life a lifetime when I wallow in these easy times spent with the people I love.

This appreciation of my life, friends and routines must be part of preparing for Pecos as my prayers are for those preparing Pecos for me.  I am so very humbled to be on this journey – and in this moment of gratitude while looking forward to Pecos.

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