The Love in The One of Us

I’ve been silent over here on the blog, but pen and pencil have continued scratching and scrolling in my journals. I’ve worried in degrees of ego and service that the season of my writing, and its selective exposure, might be coming to an end. I’ve wrangled with the self-centeredness of that struggle, and I’ve prayed for the fear of going silent to be outweighed by God’s purpose to be done in me. In my writing. In my life.

And then, this happens.

This horrific hatred and killing. And all I can hear in my silence with God is, “The sin in the one of us is the sin in all of us.” Quickly and assuredly, the striking commonality in being human is followed with yet more powerful words of redemption and hope.

The love in the One of us is the love in all of us.

Over these days of shock and grief, and seemingly powerless petitions for the sufferers and survivors, my feet have been taking me to places where I am reminded to choose love, choose forgiveness; to pray for the bereaved and the nine saints who were taken as well as the taker. And I’m called to remember, offer and reconcile my own sin and hatreds at the foot of the cross and the altar with my brother.

Tonight as I continue reading The Story of a Soul, St. Therese of Liseieux shares this tender passage which feels fitting for my evening prayer. By her words, by her faith and courageous embrace of suffering, I begin again to post. And pray that in some measure I can know God’s grace enough to study Love as greater than sin.

I hope too that this may bring you some peace in the night.

“Full sweet is the way of Love. It is true one may fall and be unfaithful to grace; but Love, knowing how to profit by everything, quickly consumes whatever is displeasing to Jesus, leaving in the heart only a deep and humble peace.”-St. Therese of Liseieux

2 thoughts on “The Love in The One of Us”

  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes! I was just watching a video that I posted on FB called The 12 Signs of Love. I learned kind of what you just said…I found out just how unloving I can be with my words. I have a lot of practice to do to be the loving person (to all) I strive to be. I do love you Theresa. You bring a lot of light to the darkness in this world. Peace, my friend.

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