Meditations with Meister Eckhart

“I pray God to rid me of God. The highest and loftiest thing that one can let go of is to let go of God for the sake of God.”-Meister Eckhart

This is just one of the provocative quotes from the book Meditations with Meister Eckhart, where Eckhart von Hochheim O.P.- more commonly known as Meister Eckhart- is introduced as “mystic and prophet, feminist and philosopher, preacher and theologian, administrator and poet, a spiritual genius and a declared heretic.”

I find Eckhart’s teachings intoxicating; inspiring, disturbing and familiar and as invitations to come closer to listen for the truths that have lasted since the 14th century. His teachings remind me of the majesty and mystery of my God that is bigger than a box of words or packages of proof. And they invite me to listen to the song of my soul, now and here.

I’ll be sharing some of what was shook and sanded as a tribute to this Christian Mystic, and as a ‘thank you’ to my fellow journeyers who inspire me to look for God in the city. But for now I’ll leave you with another one of Meister Eckhart’s writings. It makes me wonder that even way back when, when there was more country land than city, folks may have also been searching for the balance of solitude and rush; and seeking the peace of mind that only God can bring – no matter the landscape.

“Some people prefer solitude. They say their peace of mind depends on this. Others say they would be better off in church. If you do well, you do well wherever you are. If you fail, you fail wherever you are. Your surroundings don’t matter. God is with you everywhere — in the market place as well as in seclusion or in the church. If you look for nothing but God, nothing or no one can disturb you. God is not distracted by a multitude of things. Nor can we be.”-Meister Eckhart

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  1. “God is not distracted by a multitude of things” – but that doesn’t mean God is not focused or intensely aware of what is happening now (and it’s always “now” for God) for everyone, everything, everywhere, all at the same time. God is not distracted. God is mindful and on purpose. God is true to God’s self, loving, being love itself, being goodness and light, being fully present while disbursing God’s self in and through “a multitude of things”: starshine and humus and the wine of communion. I would like to be that present.

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