Moveable priest

This includes a long quote, but it feels very appropriate for these times of feeling powerless over bad and senseless things happening. It brings me back again and again to remember that praying is powerful and not the least of what we can do. It is the most and first of all great acts and attitudes of love.

These words of hope reflect what I like to call the Moveable priest (intentional small p). It is offered here in the vernacular of Christianity, which is my home faith, but my belief is that prayer in the name of Love, however you know and practice it, is more powerful than silence or the energy of hate.

Here it is, from a small pamphlet entitled “The Jesus Prayer” and from my days at Pecos.  May you find it in Love and offer it for peace.

“To the degree that we experience the tremendous love of God in Jesus Christ for us, we let this love pour out to everyman, our brother. We cannot run to all parts of the world to bind up the wounds of the sick of body or assist the mentally disturbed, but the contemplative soul in deep prayer before the throne of the Father is exercising the healing power of Jesus Christ. We render Jesus Christ present again in the world in His priestly action of offering the whole world, healed and restored, back to His Father in praise and thanksgiving.”

4 thoughts on “Moveable priest”

  1. Thank you. Sometimes my prayer seems so small… and yet sometimes it feels like the characters in the Grinch story whose presents have all been stolen, yet who hold hands, still sing their Christmas song, and the heart of the Grinch is changed.

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