Song of Herod

I heard him shout:
Don’t you know that I am king?
Don’t you realize that I am ordained to power?
Pay attention to me!
Agree with me, like me!

Acknowledge and elevate me
above all others.
Rid me of any who oppose my will,
my opinions,
my slander,
my approval.
Defer all power and control to me,
unchecked, unquestioned,
because I am king;
I know what is better
and best for you.

if you dare stand against me,
if you contest my throne,
I will cast a net to gather
and kill
all who resemble you and your kind.

I heard the Herod in me:
I want to be king.
I want you to pay attention to me.
I want you to agree with me;
I want to be right.
I want to manage and control
and get what I want;
to be comfortable and secured
by recognition and admiration.

I will withhold or leave
if you remind me of others
who did these injustices to me,
for my memory is long,
my severing ax disguised
as a tool of protection.

I heard the King say:
I am Majesty.
Master and Servant,
compassionate King
of Herod and the Herod in you.

false masters are created in
the shadows of your un-holy self,
your un-whole self,
your broken, wounded self
in need of denial or defense.

only love of the inclusive, infinite kind
can return you to
the compassionate self as I made you,
the whole-self of trust,
the fullness of being.

As much as you grieve and resist,
hate from fear is no longer your option,
nor is withholding love
from the Herod out there
and the Herod within.

Love is the command of your King.

I will never command you
without giving you strength.
I will never use up
what I use for good,
so go now.
Take up my mantle of love
and leave the how to me.

I am your King.

You will know me,
recognize me,
experience me
and be enlivened by
the compassionate tenor of my song,
the song of your King.

Inspired by today’s Contemplative Worship, The Center for Christian Spirituality, December 4, 2016. Thank you for this, with love.

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