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Bleed the Greed

“Don’t regulate,” they say. “People will do the right thing if government stays out of their lives.”

I doubt that as an absolute, but let’s prove them right with self-honesty about IF our family needs the government check that may show up. And, if we are not in need for food and shelter and resources for taking care of our health and our family, let’s consider donating it to a local food bank. Not in protest of anything but rather…in community and compassion. You know, a Jesus/divine humanity kind of thing. And a gentle, very human and practical way to bleed the greed.

Click on the following for easy links to give. Thank you, with love.

Houston Food Bank

West Houston Assistance Ministries

Fair Haven Food Bank

Feeding Texas

Feeding America

Time Marches On

Theresa & Toby Allen

I had no idea what massive changes were headed our way when I took this photo November, 2019. It was a few months before everything changed in our world. We have since lost too many people and another layer of innocence and trust.

It feels too soon to look back and fully understand what happened, the physical, emotional and social effects (subtle, direct, long-lasting and permanent), and how we can grow from this in love and practical care of ourselves and one another. But, this morning I am remembering my grandmother saying, “You can add years to your life or life to your years.”

Time marches on for some of us. Kitties grow up and I am graying. And I am asking myself, what can I add to this moment? From this place and where I am right now?