Monthly Archives: January 2015


Butterfly by Trudy Ann WyattBy God’s grace and a bunch of really good people right here, I am standing in the sunshine of gratitude.  And today can be about celebrating Trudy and the many gifts she shared with us.

Including one of her butterflies that’ll I’ll share with you.  And a poem shared with me by a friend earlier this week.

Live life, love and have fun. I am pretty sure this is what Trudy would like for me to do.  With love.  Today. Continue reading Today

The Torque and Tensile of Tinnitus

The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893In the personal sense: torque is the pull of doing what is wrong against the right that I know.  Tensile is the test of how long I can continue thinking and behaving, in opposite directions than loving ways, without completely breaking, and falling apart.

Two very human conditions we live within; both displaying the existence of good and the good sense in each of us. Continue reading The Torque and Tensile of Tinnitus