As it is

As It Is © twyatt 2015The Gratitude List is a cornerstone in my spiritual practice. Whether proactively invited into my morning time  or as an attitude adjuster when I get off the beam, it works when I work it. It brings me back into right order with God and others, into balance of not being good or bad enough to be separated from God or others. And walks me back to a place of peace in what is, and isn’t.

Today, with You, I find a slightly different language in my list of thank you’s. Continue reading As it is

Time Out

Time Out © twyatt 2015I put myself into “time out” this morning. Not like when I was a kid, punished and banished to a lonesome corner, but as one of God’s children needing a loving respite from my own mental twists and adolescent attempts to control.

Time out with God. To breath.  Time out to pray and, as written by Dom Van Zeller, “restore(s) as far as is possible in this life the relationship enjoyed by our first parents with God and with one another.”

Our prayers are now.

Farmhouse Horizon © twyatt 2015Less and less I am seeing a difference
between prayer and meditation.
who can say in what moment
praise turns to petition or pause to listen?
When trust turns to surrender,
or being fearfully made is made wonderful?

All are times spent with God.
Seamless continuums without limit or line,
they start and end,
and merge as one
like dawn to day and dusk to night.

The only line that needs to be known (by me)
is the one to be crossed (by me)
from thought of prayer,
to the act of prayer.
And, like one raindrop to the ocean,
is added to all before,
since and after for God’s sea of change.

We have work to do.
I have work to do.

It starts,
ends with prayer.
Circles again
to where we begin,
And we begin.
We pray.
I pray.
Our prayers are now.

This meditation was inspired in part by Letters to a Soul (by Hubert van Zeller © 1976,Letter #47): Prayer is not only the most worthwhile act a man can perform in his relationship with God but also it is his most effective way of helping the world and his fellow human beings.
Your object should be to remain in God’s presence for as long as you can during prayer, stretching out to him, accepting whatever kind of prayer he sends, using words when you feel like using words and not when you don’t. After all the presence of God should be the natural element of the soul in the way that the air is the natural element of the bird, and the water is the natural element of the fish: it should not be too difficult for your soul, given the grace for it, to remain for quite a time in God’s presence without having to stir up the emotions in an effort to keep you there. Words, and emotions, beyond a certain point, can be distractions rather than expressions of praise.


Butterfly by Trudy Ann WyattBy God’s grace and a bunch of really good people right here, I am standing in the sunshine of gratitude.  And today can be about celebrating Trudy and the many gifts she shared with us.

Including one of her butterflies that’ll I’ll share with you.  And a poem shared with me by a friend earlier this week.

Live life, love and have fun. I am pretty sure this is what Trudy would like for me to do.  With love.  Today. Continue reading Today

The Torque and Tensile of Tinnitus

The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893In the personal sense: torque is the pull of doing what is wrong against the right that I know.  Tensile is the test of how long I can continue thinking and behaving, in opposite directions than loving ways, without completely breaking, and falling apart.

Two very human conditions we live within; both displaying the existence of good and the good sense in each of us. Continue reading The Torque and Tensile of Tinnitus


God in the city collage © twyatt 2015

Just before Christmas I came to these readings in Dom Hubert Van Zeller’s Letters to a Soul. I’ve posted before about my love affair with this collection of letters. So parceled have been my allowances to “read the next one” that I have only come to letter #43 of 55 since April 2013.

And just like most,  the writings hit me between the eyes while also conveniently increasing my vocabulary with cool new words like this one.  Bivouacking (verb): staying in a temporary camp without cover. Continue reading Bivouacking