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Where are we going? I don’t know. Why do we have to leave? I don’t know. What will it be like when we get there? I can’t tell you that either because “it” is not there yet. “It” is created by walking the path. Will it be worth it? Yes, and no. Yes because you will have walked in the grief of letting go of what, or who was, instead of running away. No because traveling the path has nothing to do with worth. Can I stop and sit down here if I feel too tired? Of course. Rest is renewal but resistance is deadening. Find a friend to rest with you if you can, but it is better to be alone than lonely with the misunderstanding of another. Will you be with me even when I can’t feel or see you? Yes. Always. And always with love.

Amma Prayer

Another Desert Day © twyatt2019

If you want to know how I am built, a significant hint is my soul attraction to this prayer inspired by the Desert Mothers, or more specifically Amma Syncletica from 4th century Egypt.

Desert spirituality speaks to my soul, calls me to stillness AND action. I’ve long known that I am to seek God in the city and that faith without works is… well, less than ideal. It is a great comfort to read of the men and women practicing Christ’s example of love before the Bible was recorded. Isn’t that something? Now, to put into my day “stillness and our silence, we listen for the Voice that speaks every particle of creation into being.”

Reference: “The Desert Mothers, Spiritual Practices from the Women of the Wilderness” by Mary C. Earle