Living in the Comma of God’s Promise – Preparing for Lent

Watercolor and mixed media by Theresa Wyatt Prebilsky. You are invited to come and experience all of the artistic, visual expressions of the Stations of the Cross to be on display at Trinity Episcopal Church February 16th through Easter.

The following article is from this month’s The Window of Trinity Church newsletter for Trinity Episcopal Church, Houston.

Living in the Comma of God’s Promise – Preparing for Lent
by Theresa Wyatt Prebilsky

When I was asked again this year to offer an artistic reflection of one of the Stations of the Cross for the Trinity Lent season, I was stumped when assigned the Thirteenth Station.

Since I am not a mother I respectfully questioned if I could truly understand what it might feel like to lose a child under any circumstances, let alone brutally hung on a cross before my very eyes.  I worried that maybe I had been given the wrong station. I searched the internet for previously written text and images associated with the Thirteenth Station, and I seriously considered asking for a different assignment.

But then, going to my Bible, the pages fell open to John 17 where four headings struck me as timely guideposts in preparing for Lent. Continue reading Living in the Comma of God’s Promise – Preparing for Lent

The Rung

The more I live, and experience and see – the more I believe that we all eventually go through the same hoops of learning.  These divinely led lessons only differ in their sequence; coming at different times or ages of our lives and in varied orders most suited to our God-given natures, how we came in, and what happened in and around us during our earliest years.

I was reminded of this again today as I met a new friend – a woman who has gathered years and years of knowledge, healing and growth, and who now walks in shoes of service to many. Continue reading The Rung