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Why Not ?

It just got real. We hit the “print boarding pass” button and instantly, I feel that queasy/happy feeling in my tummy.

I folded my boarding pass, stuffed it into my not-so-attractive fanny pack, and have been walking around the house like I am some kind of confident world traveler. Which I am not. But, I am as ready as this near-70 year old, mostly introvert, can be.

In light of all of the last minute preparations, are you surprised that I naturally found myself sitting down at the keyboard?

I was a bit, but writing is one way for me to settle into myself and become present to its gift. As soon as I began typing, I began thinking about the many trips our parents took and enjoyed when they were our age, and about others who, by their travels, inspired me to want to see more, including:

Earl and Ersel Fath, of Chrisman, Illinois. After a hugely successful career in Geology, working with the U.S. Geological Survey and in oil fields around the world, then concluding his career as chairman of the Department of Astronomy at Carlton College, Earl and his wife Ersel retired in Chrisman where they became close friends with my Grandpa and Grandma Rogers. On one trip, they brought Trudy and I the most beautiful bracelets from Thailand. I still have both of our bracelets and the sweet box in which they came.


My Uncle Dick, Aunt Dot, and her sister, Miriam. They traveled the world and made going to far-away places a little less scary, and, as Miriam once said to me, “why not?”

So here we go. In some little weird and wonderful way, I feel they are going with us and cheering us on to discovery and fun. And, Why not?

*I found this obituary for Earl Fath to be fascinating. It is so much fun thinking of Earl and Ersel again, and to call their name out after so many years.

Earth Day 2023

Earth Day. Trudy’s birthday.

I tried not to think too much about today and it being Trudy’s birthday and fittingly, Earth Day. But too many mystical tugs and sweet remembrances from friends made it impossible for me to not write about the beauty of Trudy and the beauty of our Earth.

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