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INTRODUCING: Carrot the Parrot and the Island of Letting Go

Written and illustrated by Theresa Wyatt Prebilsky

In this enchanting, illustrated tale, a girl named Myra embarks upon an inspiring journey of meeting unexpected, loving companions along the way. Like Myra, we are gently invited on our own exploration, and are encouraged to find forgiveness and healing in letting go of “what remains too big to talk about yet too small a splinter to explain how much it still hurts.”

The story of Carrot has a winsome joy and innocence with a very serious, important message for children and grownups. I’m grateful that Carrot is ready to fly!”– Mary Fuller, Author The SheepKeeper Waits.

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FOR MORE INFORMATION about Carrot the Parrot, visit Sacred Support Publishing .

Now, What are We going to Do?

Now, let’s ask ourselves the question: how can we fund and provide support for the babies and families where fathers deny/leave without responsibility?

How can we fund and support young mothers and their child who experience delivering a special needs baby, or, generational poverty or are not resourced by family or personal means? How are we to encourage adoption of infants and older American children in need of homes? How can we fund and up our support for mental and educational help for those who are raped by strangers or worse family or friends? (I know this happens…it happened to me at knife-point when I was 27 and a complete stranger broke into my house in the middle of the night. It was the knife or rape. I chose rape.)

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What is God’s will?

This question has followed me around all of my days, but today, “this” is the answer that I want to become better at accepting.

This place. This moment. This feeling. This body.

It seems that I don’t get to say what God’s will is for others even as I sometimes try to control or wrangle or direct. But today, one grace-filled nano-second at a time, I want to practice trusting that God’s will for me is in the holy now of This.

10,000 + One

Who is to say how many times it takes hearing, “I love you,” to really hear it? Receive it? Accept it?

It was a year and a half before one day, in the midst of an argument with my boyfriend (now husband) that I heard it. My 10,000 plus one sounded like this:

“You know, just because we are arguing, we are not breaking up. You know that, right?”

No. I had not known that.

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