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Now what?

I always think of the family and friends that loved Jesus so very much and what this time after his “death” might have felt like?

Is it all that different from my own experiences of sickening silences after the funeral director has been paid, the last of the casserole dishes returned, and sitting alone on the couch after everyone has gone; while the colorful roses and carnations wilt and brown on the slight mound of newly turned dirt of earth? Is it so unlike what those who knew and loved Jesus might have said to one another, with still stinging and swollen eyes, “Now what?” Continue reading Now what?

When Jesus Spoke

cropped-Weep-not-for-me-4.jpgThe time is nearing.  No words of mine could possibly better represent this season of standing on the edge of final darkness and eternal light than this performance (included here) of When Jesus Spoke From The Cross (Trinity Episcopal Church, Jazz Fest 2012). Composed by Dave Brubeck in 1989, arranged and performed by Paul English (piano) with David Caceres (Vocals/Saxophone), Continue reading When Jesus Spoke