Journey to the Soul

I missed the chapter when they told us what our soul was about?  I didn’t even know I was missing this until someone lovingly started sharing with me about their soul.  And once they did, my gapping lack of understanding opened a huge question: what is Soul?  Without this rudimentary knowledge, I felt there was no hope of even beginning a path to identifying with my own.

Soul, as a concept and identity eluded me.  For years, I insistently searched side to side, front and back; in this book or that; asking my sister, my friends; listening at times to your description.  But it still made no more sense to me – until, I picked up a book from the shelves of Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey (Pecos, New Mexico) entitled Letters to a Soul by Hubert van Zeller. Continue reading Journey to the Soul

My Soul is Satisfied

I have very little time to write as we are headed to a writer’s workshop.  I have to hurry ’cause I am in celebration mode… excited to feel Christ in my life.

I am starting a Biggest Loser Program today, this afternoon.  Huge step for me.  Signed up – made the decision without thinking too much; willing to go and follow directions – someone else’s directions.  Its scary.  But I am doing it. Continue reading My Soul is Satisfied

“I didn’t need a thing.”

Trudy and Theresa little house 720x720I hesitate to write about this being the second anniversary of being with my sister as she prepared to leave. I hesitate to stir the waters; what emotions might come to the surface could drown me again. But I can not resist sharing a few sweet memories of Trudy – one being a phrase my husband recently recalled as one of Trudy’s signature messages on our machine.

“I didn’t need a thing”, she’d say with her soft, lilting and smiling voice. It was one of her ways of just checking in; sending over a little kite of love.

I miss Sis. But then, who wouldn’t, and doesn’t? Only those folks who didn’t get to meet her at least once.

Prayer for Guidance

We got to spend a wonderful evening last night with dear friends – people whom my husband has known now for over twenty years; me for greater than fifteen.  They have become to us family, with all the ups and downs and one consistent loving chord of wanting what is best for each other.  We love them dearly.

About six months ago, much to our surprise, they told us they were joining the Episcopal Church!  Wow!  So had we!  And more recently they asked us to be their sponsors as they were Confirmed.  We were humbled, honored; we all cried a little at the beauty of the service and winding path that had brought all of us to this common intersection of faith. Continue reading Prayer for Guidance

Love Never Fails

I’d like to keep this short as too many words sometime crowd and strangle the simpler, more powerful truths that strike my heart with a burning need to express.

Nothing exists outside of God.

Nothing is greater or more powerful or more real than God’s wondrous love for me and for us.  For all of us.  All else is from my finite idea of self and fear of losing life – mine or others loved. Continue reading Love Never Fails

Faith with Works

“Read the red words.”

I have a friend who says this and I love it.  Four simple words to welcome me back to finding love in God’s Word, and I found it again this morning.

Taking love as my preface to reading the Word, I randomly walked this morning into Matthew 9:35-38 and was welcomed with reminders of Jesus’ very real and alive faith with works.  He was teaching, preaching, and healing – just doing what He does, and then stops and looks at all the multitudes around him, and: He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd

This is where it gets real for me, this business of wanting to get to know Christ and wanting what He has; its when I read these words: He was moved with compassion for them

And here: because they were weary and scattered.

This is the “feeling Christ” I’ve come to know, and trust, and love; the compassionate and doing-good-works man of God on earth loving the lost. Continue reading Faith with Works

Claim – Work – Harvest

You ask: what are we suppose to do this year?

When the snow begins to melt, these seeping waters make up the spring’s first drink – for the submerged, mostly dormant tulip and crocus bulbs; for softening and easing winter’s solid grip on frozen dirt.  As temperatures warm and days lengthen even the worms find new pathways to their purpose in the cycle of the earth.

This is where you are in the season of your nature.

You go.  You go and pay attention.  Look for the field [of service] to claim as your own; the one needing tending.  And when you look, look also for the harvest that you see as a humbled squatter lead by God’s sight and inspiration.  Pay attention to the tug in your heart and calling in your imaginations, and do not shy away from the boldness of claim or work or harvest.  Because this is the trilogy of God’s work.

Claim – work – harvest Continue reading Claim – Work – Harvest