Letter From My Soul

Souls Horizon (as post header) © twyatt 2014I like art.
Because it is free
and its me,
without borders of rights or wrongs.

Art is strong.
Bigger than reason,
larger than purpose;
no human expectations tried on
like too tight pants.

Art is fluid.
Deeper than oceans,
no start, no end;
moving, changing,
nagging and begging
new shores to shape.

And I like you.
Because you listen,
for the heartbeat of my art;
which is the closest language I have
(at least for now)
for letting you know
that I am.

I am your Soul.
Please pause and play with me when you can.
-from morning time at The Cenacle


Rockport Fishing © twyatt 2014A few moments on the balcony looking out to the edge of sky and water.  Water and earth.

Bob is fishing off the bank and has signaled that he already has snagged two good sized trout.

Settling back into my water-scape view, tears swell as naturally as the persistent, gentle lapping of waves against the concrete bulkhead.

These are the good days.

In hindsight we’ll see more of the incredible gift of these easy times, even as we know in these moments their delicate joys.