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In Honor of Colin Powell

It was sometime around 1993/1994. I was learning a new life where practicing spiritual things was not virtuous – it was necessary to keeping my new life.

One key to this was being a student of Jim and Elaine Chambers’ teachings about prayer and meditation, and being introduced to THE Holy Spirit in a whole new and more personal way than I had known as a child. I would visit them once or twice a week. Their love and encouragement lead me to the most consistent spiritual practice, and not unrelated, one of the most precious and personal times with God that I have ever known.

It was a beautiful time in my life.

I was single. Reading my Bible. Praying and meditating with ease and joy in both Christian faith and Zen traditions.

One week in our discussions, they suggested that I had been a soldier in a previous life – a life a long, long time ago. I listened, politely, left, and went to work the next day.

On my way home from work, I stopped at the Dress Barn in what was Windsor Plaza. As the salesperson was ringing up my purchases, I looked down on the counter and saw this quote. As it is here. Perfectly cut-out. No additional notations or explanations. I asked her, “Do you know where this came from?” She said no. I stuffed it into my pocket, shaking, and thanking THE Holy Spirit.

I have no idea what that, or this, is all about. But, on that day I believed in the creative power of our Holy Spirit to reach us – and me. Today, as I hear of Colin Powell’s passing, I can’t help but risk sharing this little story in his honor.

Finding Purchase

Finding purchase has a different meaning for me in the mountains than in the city.

In the city, finding purchase is about acquisition. Accumulation. Here, in the mountains and on our hikes, finding purchase relates to the quest and commitment in choosing which rock to place my boot on, or, deciding where to plant my walking stick before taking the next step.

Finding purchase, I notice, can be a sacred act of letting go of what was grounding for what will support the next step in moving forward. And, in the quiet companionship with my fellow hikers, finding my purchase can also be about the broader question that I brought with me to the mountain.

What’s next?

God, help me find purchase in your what’s next.