Monthly Archives: October 2023

Irony of Art

Has Nature presented this art of sunshine and shadows every morning? Have I only now noticed her daily gift of beauty right here in my room?

I hear the neighbors start their car in the driveway six feet from my window. I see the image on my wall shimmer and shift in sync with the sound of two more car doors slamming loudly, and then, a moment later, as the Suburban filled with three energetic boys and one schedule-weary mom reverses and leaves, my art goes away. My wall goes blank and returns to the ordinary of every morning.

Nature, it seems, has used the magic of light and car windows and walls as her medium, brush, and canvas to create her art this morning. The irony of Nature employing the car and the people next door, often too close and too loud for my liking, is not lost on me. Nor the impermanence of her creation.