Pull Out All Stops

I have finally admitted to myself that this time in our world is not so temporary of a state as to just “keep a stiff upper lip”, or to hold my breath and wait it out. I am finally being honest with myself that all of this is bigger than what my usual tools of faith and service can handle. I can no longer afford to pretend that I have “got this.” I don’t. It is time to pull out all the stops of self care.

I am allowing myself to reach out to and bring close the people in my life that feel supportive, caring, and loving, and to allow myself to limit time in relationships that feel challenging or adversarial.

I am making myself look for and reach out to the helpful resources I am fortunate to have in my life—like calling my sponsors, therapist, doctor, fellow spiritual directors, and friends.

I hope you too might know that it is okay to pull out all the stops of self care—whatever that might look like for you in safety, love and support—because these are exceptional times requiring exceptional care. What we are able to do today, just for today to keep us sane, may help us come out on the other side of all this less damaged and hardened than if we pretend that our hearts are not breaking.

Pull out all stops, and if I am one of those places of safety for you, drop me a note*.

*Yes, please feel free to send me a note in the comments. I do not do well on the telephone but will happily send a reply, with love.

This is real. This is happening.

It took me twenty-five (or 65?) years to write and publish my first book, and now she is finally here.

I am excited. Terrified. Delighted. Freaked out! It doesn’t feel real. I keep repeating, “This is real. This is happening,” and reminding myself to breathe and pray. Pray and breathe. And,

do the things that got me here, and maybe lay down for a spell.

A part of me wants to ask that you consider buying and reading my book. That girl stands awkwardly – head down, drawing lazy circles in the dust with the toe of her shoe. Or in fast, fresh flashes of uncharacteristic courage, she stands arms akimbo – ready to squarely face the indifference or criticisms as they come, or don’t. But, here is the thing.

All of me knows, in the seat of my soul, that this moment deserves celebration and gratitude for being given the opportunity to share from my heart, and for taking the time (and heartache) to try and do my very best. And, surprisingly to me, that knowing seems to be enough to lay this book down right here and walk away to whatever is next. [Order ROSETEARS here.]

Dusty Corners


I believe this time, this very strange and terrifying time without borders or end dates, magnifies all feelings and circumstances that have been laying fallow—waiting for our attention and in care of our soul. I believe in these hours and days of isolation and stillness, what has been buried or obscured by busyness or distraction is rising—insisting to be seen. Noticed. Dealt with in resignation or protest with prayer and reaching out to others.

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