Give It Away

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Emancipation © Theresa Wyatt 2018
This is the first in the Writers Series of encouragement for folks writing for personal and public purposes. In community we thrive and dare to fly.

“You’ve got to give it away to keep it.” That is what they taught me when I got sober. I am hearing it again now as I walk away from the work of publishing my first book, ROSETEARS, and begin my next project.

This next book is going well. It is easier, I notice, because I now know that writing a book is possible. I can do it. It won’t kill me. And, as much as I wanted to pretend that some amount of work could make it perfect—and minimize potential of appearing the fool—it won’t. But, on the other hand, putting the work in can make the book better—and a reality.

Now, on this side of publishing my first book, I am answering a deep desire to listen and encourage others in their process. Sharing my experience, limited as it is, and supporting other writers feels natural—like a spiritual tithe back to the spaces where the creative flow started. Being involved in other’s work, as a sort of creative cheerleader, feels like the fuel I need to push past procrastination of doing my own work.

And so we begin.

I will be sharing, from time to time, what I have found frustrating, helpful, and hopeful. In this space I welcome comments, questions, and encouragements to other writers. Also, feel free to drop me a note below in the comments section or through the contact tab above. I would love to hear from you.

In community we thrive and dare to fly.

2 thoughts on “Give It Away

  1. Hi T! I love that I got on to fb and there you were, or there was the sweet emancipation bird that is on the note card I am about to deliver. I have literally just finished writing a note to a sweet lady who is isolated during this pandemic. The note will go with a prayer blanket made for her by the women’s club at the little church up here. I’m smiling because I’ve never really enjoyed writing. I’m extremely critical of myself. I had to do a scratch copy before writing in the card itself… Still questioning if what wrote will be what she needs. Soooo, while I’m not writing a book, your encouragement was very timely, and encouraging. Forget the perfection, remember the love with which I have written. Thanks! E

    1. Thanks for writing! Your gifts are your love and thoughtfulness, and I know how I feel when someone takes the time to put kindness into words. Words do matter, and I’m so glad I got to read your post tonight. Night night, with love.

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