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God’s loving Word made alive in the spirit of our being.


Emancipation © twyatt2018
Emancipation © twyatt2018

I felt the stone in my heart melt like hot mercurial goo, a molten lava creating new continents of understanding; the beginnings of a new world where I was no longer a freakishly bulbous figure of too much.

I sensed a fresh scent in the air from a fresher shore of truth, shaped from the essence of all of God’s creation. I could see and be seen as knitted into this perfect weave of beauty; a part of, a coaptation of God’s magnificence and love.

I dared to step further and sink into this new earthly perspective where everything I had deemed as the imperfect physical me began to settle perfectly as is. Then, as I emerged wearing the same sixty-three-year-old coat, with deep pockets still stuffed by all of the worn-out stories that I was told about me, and that I have told and held onto about me, I notice a new lightness.

I am no longer weighted down like a round, red and white bobber by my size or shape or stories. I see and recognize that what felt before like walls and counter-weights has served me well, if not conveniently or elegantly. And, the physical attributes that I had wished all of my life to be changed? They now appear as a loving tether; a natural and useful link in humility, and lift of a kite.

I take yet a deeper breath; a more focused look, and I notice.

Acceptance seems to have settled-in beside me. She recognizes and welcomes the bundle of me as I have been, and as I am now.

Grace points me to a lifetime of experiences uniquely my own and perfectly fit between the grooves of hardship and learning. Failure and growth. Shame too, but then comes wisdom from within, the sacred and most convenient place I always look last.

I looked again. I felt again, this new idea of all is well. And a word rises from that broken stone; travels from this freshly cracked open heart, through a constricted-by-tears throat, and emerges with a gasp to open air.


Note: I cannot attest to being able to hold onto this feeling of such sweet and full emancipation much after it’s first appearance. But, I am grateful for the brief reveal and taste of a new freedom. And pray it, if only but for a moment, comes for others too; by God’s love and in perfect ways and timing. It really is all about Love.

Song of Herod

I heard him shout:
Don’t you know that I am king?
Don’t you realize that I am ordained to power?
Pay attention to me!
Agree with me, like me!

Acknowledge and elevate me
above all others.
Rid me of any who oppose my will,
my opinions,
my slander,
my approval.
Defer all power and control to me,
unchecked, unquestioned,
because I am king;
I know what is better
and best for you.

if you dare stand against me,
if you contest my throne,
I will cast a net to gather
and kill
all who resemble you and your kind.

I heard the Herod in me:
I want to be king.
I want you to pay attention to me.
I want you to agree with me;
I want to be right.
I want to manage and control
and get what I want;
to be comfortable and secured
by recognition and admiration.

I will withhold or leave
if you remind me of others
who did these injustices to me,
for my memory is long,
my severing ax disguised
as a tool of protection.

I heard the King say:
I am Majesty.
Master and Servant,
compassionate King
of Herod and the Herod in you.

false masters are created in
the shadows of your un-holy self,
your un-whole self,
your broken, wounded self
in need of denial or defense.

only love of the inclusive, infinite kind
can return you to
the compassionate self as I made you,
the whole-self of trust,
the fullness of being.

As much as you grieve and resist,
hate from fear is no longer your option,
nor is withholding love
from the Herod out there
and the Herod within.

Love is the command of your King.

I will never command you
without giving you strength.
I will never use up
what I use for good,
so go now.
Take up my mantle of love
and leave the how to me.

I am your King.

You will know me,
recognize me,
experience me
and be enlivened by
the compassionate tenor of my song,
the song of your King.

Inspired by today’s Contemplative Worship, The Center for Christian Spirituality, December 4, 2016. Thank you for this, with love.


Reader: A reading from James.

Be patient, therefore, beloved, until the coming of the Lord. The farmer waits for the precious crop from the earth, being patient with it until it receives the early and the late rains. You also must be patient. Strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is near. Beloved, do not grumble against one another, so that you may not be judged. See, the Judge is standing at the doors! As an example of suffering and patience, beloved, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. James 5:7-10

Wow and Wow.

This is one of the many gifts of saying yes to service. In getting the reading that is assigned to be read this Sunday, I receive the love of being known, met, and encouraged to love more.

I am in awe sometimes; how can the same old words come so alive and new? So personal after all of these years?

The Word is indeed alive and lives in us when we show up. Wake up. And sometimes, when we are just doing what we said we would do – as imperfect, impatient people, and as beloveds.

Life as Prayer

Day is for action with God,
in the receipt and service of love.

Night is for resting;
listening to the sweet sounds
of God’s concert of love songs for me.
Life lived in this way,
in balance of command and blessing,
is life lived as prayer
to the God of my life.

“By day the Lord commands his steadfast love, and at night his song is with me, a prayer to the God of my life.” Psalm 42:8

Fear of Failure

Let go of your fear of failure.

The only failure in this is not turning to Me for help, and availing yourself of my strength and eagerness to follow command with blessing.

Failure, by the way, is man’s word for fault.

A fault, in a weakened state, shifts. The vulnerable point becomes the site of breaking in the hands of a lone traveler, and bursts apart into a slurry of mud.

The temptation then is to go deeper into self-reliance and ask nothing of Me, staring more and more blindly into the possible glory of success or abyss of failure. More and more, thinking takes over heart.

But, in connection and reliance upon Me there is not only no failure – there is no fault.

Because I am your rock.
And I am your redeemer.

All of Me for all of you.
For all.

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you. O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.” Psalm 19:14

Be a Child

“But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God, who were born, not of blood or of the will of the flesh or of the will of man, but of God.”John 1:12-13

The following invitation showed up on Saturday the 27th, the second day of the twelve days of Christmas (a season I am learning as Christmastide). It showed up in church the following day, underscored by scripture and by our Priest’s message to “be a child of God”.

I struggle in the practice of child-like faith and joy of not worrying like an adult.  But, I am being watchful and I’m making small gestures of love towards this little girl of me.  I hope these words may draw, invite and give you permission too to be for a moment or more, a Beloved.

Trudy and Theresa little house 720x720

Run to your playground where you are a child among other children eager to run, and play, discover and learn. Yes, in these last days of your year be a child as Christ arrived in innocence, dependence and inheritance. Allow your body, your home, your relationships and husband to be symbolic mangers for your weariness. Believe in all’s ability and motive in support, care and love of you.

You did not intend to come to these words – they are Mine and mind out of a year of reading, praying and in this room of listening for Me. Strike away the planks that lay across your moat of separation between ego to soul. Enter into these commands and retreat to sanctuary and rest of mind.

Imagine the care of Mary in this first week of Jesus’ life. These stories are preserved for people like you who crave models and beginning points for leading on and forward in whatever year of the Lord they live.  Remember, all years are God’s now.

What does this look like, practically?

Cooking lunch easily – with flow. You once pretended to cook in cardboard kitchens; enter again this sense of play.

If you see a cluttered space that interrupts your ability to relax and enjoy your environment, take clean-up in small bites; here, there, a little now, a little later. Eventually you will see cleared rooms and be happier in the process as well as the result.

And be watchful. For the places you are invited to go by others instead of by your own ego or habits. Be tickled, entertained by the dramas you decline!

This week is a gift only you can give and only you can receive. Be intentional; gentle in your purchase and claim. When indecisive, distracted, or feel disinterest vying for your darker side ask yourself, “How would I care for a child?” “What would I be willing to do for a child who is staying with us this week?” “What good foods would I prepare for her, how would I mother her, what would I whisper into her ear as she drifts off in sleep?”

Breathe this in. Let it settle a bit then go on into your day, then settle onto your pillow at day’s end. You know how to do this. And you are not doing this alone. Legions who care grander than you can imagine are invested as volunteers in love with you. Imagine that.