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Frank, honest, sometimes painful look at grief and hope of healing.


Butterfly by Trudy Ann WyattBy God’s grace and a bunch of really good people right here, I am standing in the sunshine of gratitude.  And today can be about celebrating Trudy and the many gifts she shared with us.

Including one of her butterflies that’ll I’ll share with you.  And a poem shared with me by a friend earlier this week.

Live life, love and have fun. I am pretty sure this is what Trudy would like for me to do.  With love.  Today. Continue reading Today

Now what?

I always think of the family and friends that loved Jesus so very much and what this time after his “death” might have felt like?

Is it all that different from my own experiences of sickening silences after the funeral director has been paid, the last of the casserole dishes returned, and sitting alone on the couch after everyone has gone; while the colorful roses and carnations wilt and brown on the slight mound of newly turned dirt of earth? Is it so unlike what those who knew and loved Jesus might have said to one another, with still stinging and swollen eyes, “Now what?” Continue reading Now what?

“I didn’t need a thing.”

Trudy and Theresa little house 720x720I hesitate to write about this being the second anniversary of being with my sister as she prepared to leave. I hesitate to stir the waters; what emotions might come to the surface could drown me again. But I can not resist sharing a few sweet memories of Trudy – one being a phrase my husband recently recalled as one of Trudy’s signature messages on our machine.

“I didn’t need a thing”, she’d say with her soft, lilting and smiling voice. It was one of her ways of just checking in; sending over a little kite of love.

I miss Sis. But then, who wouldn’t, and doesn’t? Only those folks who didn’t get to meet her at least once.