Hats On!

I stumbled upon this fun photo from our first trip to Durango twelve years ago. One thing I remember about that tourist photoshoot was… the frustration in finding an outfit that would go around me. Kind of ridiculous, I thought. Surely there are tons of us women who are larger than a size 8?

I have always found it easier to have my picture taken while being a clown or in a getup. And, I have always loved hats.

At age 66, I announced that I am going to wear hats more often – then sheepishly looked around for someone to tell me that I can’t. Or that I would be showing off, or, from my internal less-than-encouraging judges, “You should learn to feel good about yourself without the prop of a hat.”

Well, ta heck with it.

I love hats. I feel better in hats. Hats help me be in this world a little less anxious about my receding hairline and about myself, which also means a little more available to others.

So, hats on! Including this fine new winter hat I found at Target ($24) before setting out on this years trip to Durango.

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