Dusty Corners


I believe this time, this very strange and terrifying time without borders or end dates, magnifies all feelings and circumstances that have been laying fallow—waiting for our attention and in care of our soul. I believe in these hours and days of isolation and stillness, what has been buried or obscured by busyness or distraction is rising—insisting to be seen. Noticed. Dealt with in resignation or protest with prayer and reaching out to others.

Those who practice living in the context of spiritual seeking may emerge changed and propelled to answer the deeper and truer call of their authentic selves—empowered to more closely choose who they present themselves to be and what they invite as influences and priorities into their lives. Others may snap back into old patterns of doing with great urgency to make up for lost time—returning to the same huts of habits without change—trying to satisfy a familiar hunger with familiar foods.

God walks with all of us.

I truly believe that one response to these times is neither better nor worse than the other. The only error or delay we can make in this present time and after is denying the honesty of who and where we are—as we are.

I am personally finding new risings from old dusty corners of my soul. Some come as comforting awareness. Others are pesky hauntings that need care and love and more time in the sunshine of God. With all of these, I am practicing and turning to this prayer as offered by Jerry Webber in the beginning of Lent. (Oh, how long ago that does feel!) Today it feels like good guidance and unconditional love for me and for all of us in these strange times of possible enlightenment and healing.

I begin loving where I am, mixed motives and all. I offer myself, just as I am, to God for my wholeness, for the sake of others, and for the healing of the world. I offer the reality of my life to God.-Jerry Webber

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