Holy Humility

Humility: discovering and honoring my limits as part of God’s design, not failure.

I am beginning to redefine humility as discovering and honoring my limits as part of God’s design, not personal failure.

At times, I can crater and collapse into being a victim to my defects of character and miss that the humiliation of making a mistake can be an invitation to experience humility as holy.

Holy humility is where I discover and honor that I am human and have limits in time, energy, intelligence, resources, or at times even faith.

Holy humility makes room for me to reach out to others, and in to God; invites me to re-connect with myself and others and God.

Why, at times, if I am paying attention, I can physically feel this change of attitude in my body. When the shame-based recoil of the mind shifts to a sacred invitation of the heart to pause and re-focus on what is the next kind thing to think and feel towards me – heady humility is transformed into holy humility. When I can pause, and lovingly ask myself what I might need, whom may I ask for help, and, how may I sit with a loving God in this space of discovery about what I need to amend with myself and with others – my shortcomings, my designed-by-God limits, are transfigured into a holy humility of good.

Sometimes though, I admit that I am not ready, or willing, to do any of it differently. When that happens – when this human want to be perfect comes over me while also wanting the comfort of no-change – it is good to read this quote again. It reminds me, and opens up space and time for me, to walk with a holy humility toward change even when I am imperfectly willing.

The fact that I will daily question my willingness to change will increase my ability to be increasingly willing.Drop The Rock

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