Jammies & Journals

There is a beautiful, still morning lake just outside, but I am loving my private time in my jammies and journal too much to head out just yet.

We began this road trip 21 days ago with family in Austin, and will likely make this visit with family in Saint Jo our last stop before home.

I am finding myself easily falling into the welcoming ease of family… a possibility I thought gone for us. I am joyously wallowing in this comfy chair, slowly sipping strong black hot tea. And I am near tears thinking how lucky I am to have this alone time with loved ones down the hall and downstairs.

There is a special place in my heart for Silent Companioning.

It is the gift of being alone while others are nearby. It is being inside a warm home with a beautiful lake just outside, waiting to be explored. It is reading prayers by and for others, and writing my own in this journal. It is reflecting on the past 20 days and dropping into this moment with a deep sense of gratitude and awe.

These are the good days. This is the good moment.

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