Stop thinking, talking, doing, writing and sit.

Clock at Belgium Bridge 2 © twyatt 2014I’ve been thinking alot about meditation lately.  And noticing that I’ve been doing more thinking than meditating.

Yes, I have my quiet time – alone with God, and my books, my journals.  My cat.  And, thankfully I have my weekly twenty minutes with others of like mind.  But somewhere along the way, I’ve fallen away from going to the truly quiet recesses with God, in silence, daily.

My lack of attending the invitation of meditation shows up in my life as quicker reactions in tongue and deed, and slower journeys to those places of contemplation where I might hear what God wants me to hear, or say, or do.

It shows up in less tolerance of traffic, others, and myself.

And it shows up as falling prey to the sinking hopelessness and sadnesses of what is happening in our world at large, and in the lives of loved ones too.

I push back when I hear insipid resignation, “All we can do now is pray”.  I cringe when once again it is my slouching shoulders that portray our prayers to be a last resort, not the first and most potent power we have at hand to lift others in God’s healing, and mercy, love and support.

I forget this when I am not in meditation on a regular basis.  I forget that my first and best line of defense is taking the time to do what my self-interests and fears tell me I don’t have time, or need, to do.

And I forget that to sit with God is to sit with Love.

Stop thinking, talking, doing, writing and sit.  Now.

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