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Fit to Sit

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A few gentle tools are showing up to help me get back to daily meditations.  They feel like a fit to sit.  One is low tech – words on paper from the ages; the other is a new APP.

From an older, treasured book I have rediscovered teachings from Richard J Foster in Celebration of Discipline; in particular his chapter The Discipline of Meditation.  These two passages lift and encourage me to remember that I don’t have to do this alone or rely upon my own flimsy will-power. Continue reading Fit to Sit

Stop thinking, talking, doing, writing and sit.

Clock at Belgium Bridge 2 © twyatt 2014I’ve been thinking alot about meditation lately.  And noticing that I’ve been doing more thinking than meditating.

Yes, I have my quiet time – alone with God, and my books, my journals.  My cat.  And, thankfully I have my weekly twenty minutes with others of like mind.  But somewhere along the way, I’ve fallen away from going to the truly quiet recesses with God, in silence, daily. Continue reading Stop thinking, talking, doing, writing and sit.