Another “t” from Trudy

A T by Trudy © twyatt 2014I hope it never stops… this coming across little scraps of paper that reveal yet another “t” from Trudy.  Or doodle, or person’s name written over and over as if she was praying and waiting to know how she might help someone in building their esteem or dreams.

I remember how Trudy would say, “Let me think about it”. And then, after awhile, she would come up with the perfect word, gift or idea; it would show up on a door step, in a phone call, a handwritten note, or with a check discretely given.

Today she is still giving as I discover yet another one of her simply elegant, cursive t’s.  I feel quite certain it was the start of another note or great idea fluidly scripted at her kitchen table.

Thanks Trud, from all of us who received so much.

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