“I didn’t need a thing.”

Trudy and Theresa little house 720x720I hesitate to write about this being the second anniversary of being with my sister as she prepared to leave. I hesitate to stir the waters; what emotions might come to the surface could drown me again. But I can not resist sharing a few sweet memories of Trudy – one being a phrase my husband recently recalled as one of Trudy’s signature messages on our machine.

“I didn’t need a thing”, she’d say with her soft, lilting and smiling voice. It was one of her ways of just checking in; sending over a little kite of love.

I miss Sis. But then, who wouldn’t, and doesn’t? Only those folks who didn’t get to meet her at least once.

2 thoughts on ““I didn’t need a thing.”

  1. Theresa,
    Thank you for speaking of your Trudy so sweetly, maintaining
    her love as a reality still in this world.
    Her arm is still around your shoulder.
    My love to you,


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