Glimpse of Mom

Toothpicks in the BillfoldIt’s official… I am my Mother’s daughter.

I opened my billfold* today to discover an ample supply of toothpicks.  Flashback to Mom’s sweet, if not sometimes a bit mangled and torn, stash; always ready for that pesky bit.

I used to be a little disgusted by her hording, and you may be too by my sharing of this discovery in my purse.  But I wonder: are you too finding reminders of your parent’s particular quirks sneaking into your own habits, speech, mannerisms?

Some things float from generation to generation; others – not so much.  Today this glimpse of Mom was a fun reminder that I am my parent’s child.  And today that’s a good thing.

*There is an ongoing discussion in this household as to who has the wallet and who carries the billfold.  Just another example of across-the-creek (or is that “crick”) upbringing. 

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