Just One Moment

Avignon, France, May 24, 2023

Sometimes dreams really do come true.

Washing up dinner dishes at the kitchen sink, I look out the window towards closing shops and a few people walking lazily through the narrow cobblestone streets below. An easy Avignon breeze brushes up against me. It carries a hint of music, pleasant aromas of evening cooking, muted sounds of laughter and dishes being cleared. And for a moment, I almost feel like this is my kitchen, my country, my life, and I think: what a good life this is.

I turn and see Les is pointing his camera my direction. He asks me to just stand there. And what I would normally hate – being asked to pose and have my picture taken – I do. Because, he saw it too. The light? The moment? The dream.

Sometimes whole dreams are lived in just one moment.

One thought on “Just One Moment

  1. Of all these memories, it’s difficult to pick a favorite, but I think this is mine. The setting, the photo, and the lack of resistance represents true serenity. What a wonderful journey and unexpected blessings we have had. Thank you for sharing, old friend.

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