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Sacred Earthiness

imageWe are nearly ready to head for Peru for a couple of weeks.  Lima, Cusco, then Macho Picchu – the “Lost Cities” located 7,000 feet above sea level between the Andean Mountain Range and the Urabamba Valley.  I hear its a spiritual experience – looking through the Sun Gate to where the Incan fled in quick retreat, then lived and worked and raised families until????  And I’m thinking this trip may be about sacred earthiness – where heaven on earth have been, and is now, celebrated.

So check in from time to time as I may (or may not) post pictures along the way. And know that now as always I send you peace.

The Hill Country #2 : Bucking the System

Wimberley View BlueHillscapes.  Sun.  Tea.  Books.  Birdsongs.  And a new location – on the other side of the hill.  Quiet.  It takes a little time to unwind.  I forget that when planning a trip. And sometimes it takes changing our minds and changing our location as we did last night.  It was a good move.

Now the breezes come and go, the small manmade waterfall offers her calming rhythm, the hawks glide overhead on rising currents of warming air, and I think about … how much does the soul weigh? Continue reading The Hill Country #2 : Bucking the System

Day 1 in Paradise : Like a Bat in the Dark

Southwind Porch in the Sun T Wyatt © 2014I’m not settled. I could maybe relax if I knew I didn’t have to go somewhere and do what people would do when here – hike, explore, be active in nature.  But I just sit.

This porch is nice but I’m finding it difficult to not think about what it would take to own a place like this, or when we leave finding the next B&B to go to and avoid going home. This constant and mostly unconscious need to mentally leave the present for more of what was abandoned in the now is too familiar – like pressing my tongue again and again against the rough edges of a tooth.  I can’t seem to stop the circular thinking long enough to lay down pencil and paper for the view, or ignore the droning noise of cars and trucks racing along the nearby blacktop road.  I’m flabbergasted at how these sounds echo through the hills and mimic the toll way volumes of Houston. Continue reading Day 1 in Paradise : Like a Bat in the Dark

Near-Perfect: thinking of Vernie

imageWe are going to Camp Creek (near Bryan/College Station) today to visit friends.  From there we will be heading to Saint Jo as a sister-in-law’s sweet father, Vernie, passed away rather unexpectedly yesterday.  We don’t know the details of the services yet but will leave from Camp Creek when we do.  It may be Wed or Thursday by the time we get back.

It’s an odd time – I was up there with Vicki and most of her family just a little over a week ago.  The initial reason for going was because Vernie asked Vicki to ask me if I could come help with the Plein Air art weekend.  The second reason for my saying yes was to enjoy being in the country with Vicki’s extended family (at one count 23) at their lake house (where it feels like home even though it isn’t). 

Vernie was a busy, active, kind, soft spoken 85 year old Judge, and many more roles too, in the small Texas town of 1,000.  Continue reading Near-Perfect: thinking of Vernie