Rain On My Parade

Rain CollageYesterday was not a particularly good day. I wallowed and ate and watched tv and sulked and called out to God a few times but it was like yelling into the grand canyon… all I could hear was me – me – me. Well, that plus this incessant screaming in my head!

I restrained from caffeine; my whole two-tea-bag-a-day addiction. It was a small attempt to disconnect links between caffeine and “the scream“. By late afternoon the headache showed up – right on schedule and right alongside the inside siren.

I’m drinking tea today.

And, I’m beginning to wonder if the winter weather grays are getting to me and making me literally a bit S.A.D. Is it any wonder the Midwest is a self-contained, hold-your-breath-until-it’s-over kind of place? And that I ran to the sun of the south just as soon as I could?

The good news is that I have people to meet today and I can do it. Yesterday I talked myself into believing that I couldn’t, and I probably couldn’t (or shouldn’t) have. I hate admitting to that -bowing to that self-centered sink hole of depression.

And one more thing, since no-one is interrupting or editing me as they probably should.  My bra is too tight.  I try to tell myself that maybe it’s because it is freshly out of the dryer. But that isn’t true; it hasn’t seen the laundry room for longer than I care to admit.

A too-tight bra makes me want to hide out. A loose fitting one means freedom to do things around the house and in the greater place called life with friends! And whoa, if my bra is loose and fresh from you know where… well, its bonus time. An almost magical elixir for social introverts!

But, my bra is too tight. And as I try to wrap this up I have to admit that yesterday I rained on my own parade a bit.  Looks like the sun is going to come out today so let me push send and get out and into this day.

5 thoughts on “Rain On My Parade

  1. Theresa, I love your blogs but saddened to read that you are having migranes and ear ringing!!!! Makes me mad! My brother has the ear ringing thing terribly and I always have felt so badly for him. I guess the good news is, is that it is not voices, like our poor psychotic friends hear! Hang in there sista!
    I love ya bunches,

    1. Thank you dede, for your kindness and relating your brother’s experience too. I do not have the migraines (praise God) and already I am more willing, and able, to look for the bright side. With God and good folks like you!

  2. They have these wonderful, stretchy bras that move with your every breath. You can even put them on over your head and they still work beautifully. Let those girls have some freedom, I say!

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