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Near-Perfect: thinking of Vernie

imageWe are going to Camp Creek (near Bryan/College Station) today to visit friends.  From there we will be heading to Saint Jo as a sister-in-law’s sweet father, Vernie, passed away rather unexpectedly yesterday.  We don’t know the details of the services yet but will leave from Camp Creek when we do.  It may be Wed or Thursday by the time we get back.

It’s an odd time – I was up there with Vicki and most of her family just a little over a week ago.  The initial reason for going was because Vernie asked Vicki to ask me if I could come help with the Plein Air art weekend.  The second reason for my saying yes was to enjoy being in the country with Vicki’s extended family (at one count 23) at their lake house (where it feels like home even though it isn’t). 

Vernie was a busy, active, kind, soft spoken 85 year old Judge, and many more roles too, in the small Texas town of 1,000.  Continue reading Near-Perfect: thinking of Vernie

Trudy’s Birthday – also Earth Day

It’s difficult to remember Trudy today with the lightness of the Spring in which she arrived.  It has not been long enough for me to forget the physical torture and emotional languish of her battles with cancer and heart breaks.  I also can not dismiss the roles I played in the later – I was a joy and a thorn at times in the life of my sister.  

I hope to find and wear today a pin that I gave Trudy one birthday; it’s in the shape of the Earth and has the word F-R-A-G-I-L-E embedded into its metal. Continue reading Trudy’s Birthday – also Earth Day

Lost and Found

The church calendar reading last Sunday was the prodigal passage – it piqued my husband’s sentiments. I appreciated his refreshingly different viewpoint on this familiar tale of two siblings vying for a father’s attentions.  This morning my daily, routine reading references the same story of a wayward son.  And then, opening 

one of my most cherished books, The Atlantic Year Book, Being a Collection of Quotations from The Atlantic Monthly­, I turn to March 12th with interest to see if my Grandma had noted my father’s name on today’s date as this is my father’s birthday.  I’m delighted to find she had; his name is in the margin right beside the quote for the day from Arthur Clutton-Brock.  Again the prodigal son makes his appearance. Continue reading Lost and Found

Living in the Comma of God’s Promise – Preparing for Lent

Watercolor and mixed media by Theresa Wyatt Prebilsky. You are invited to come and experience all of the artistic, visual expressions of the Stations of the Cross to be on display at Trinity Episcopal Church February 16th through Easter.

The following article is from this month’s The Window of Trinity Church newsletter for Trinity Episcopal Church, Houston.

Living in the Comma of God’s Promise – Preparing for Lent
by Theresa Wyatt Prebilsky

When I was asked again this year to offer an artistic reflection of one of the Stations of the Cross for the Trinity Lent season, I was stumped when assigned the Thirteenth Station.

Since I am not a mother I respectfully questioned if I could truly understand what it might feel like to lose a child under any circumstances, let alone brutally hung on a cross before my very eyes.  I worried that maybe I had been given the wrong station. I searched the internet for previously written text and images associated with the Thirteenth Station, and I seriously considered asking for a different assignment.

But then, going to my Bible, the pages fell open to John 17 where four headings struck me as timely guideposts in preparing for Lent. Continue reading Living in the Comma of God’s Promise – Preparing for Lent

Sunshine and Butterflies

I asked this morning if possible, I’d like some sunshine and a butterfly.

As I backed my car (Trudy’s car) out of the garage, this Monarch flew right into my passenger window, fluttered around then landed on the yellow and purple flowers nearby. I jumped out of the car, ran to take a picture… her dance then included running into my hand before she eventually went on her way.

A year ago today Les and I got to be with Sis as she began her journey. We miss her terribly, but with this sweet butterfly, sunshine, and all of our precious memories of her we know we are blessed. Thank you God. Thank you Trudy.

bT – aT

It concerns me to think that I may have to accept that I will never be the same again: bT vs aT (before and after Trudy).  It conflicts with what I thought I was accepting – that if, and since, I am still here God must have a plan for me.  Couple this with retirement, and getting it stuck in my head that I only have 10-15 years left – well, I’m closing down before the bell has rung.  And that doesn’t seem right.  Taking up space, and air, and resources – this place on earth without contribution?  So maybe it’s as simple as purpose.  Whatever it is, my heart’s not in it.  And that doesn’t seem right either.

I miss my family.  Maybe it’s that simple even as it remains that un-solvable.  Please Lord, make me a channel of your love and caring and peace on earth today, and please help me to look for You today and feel You in my life today in ways that lift me to Your purpose.  Help me be present to Your now and Your purpose for me.