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NEW Release: The St. Francis Prayer Discovery Journal

The St. Francis Prayer Discovery Journal is an interactive meditation and journaling workbook centered around the St. Francis Prayer.

This discovery journal invites prayer, meditation, journaling, and discovery of the twelve prayers for personal peace within the prayer we have come to cherish as the St. Francis Prayer. This meditation practice can be entered as part of a traditional liturgical season such as Advent or Lent, or over any period of days in personal or small group spiritual retreats.

This contemplative workbook offers gentle prompts and space for journaling as you explore new and possibly more personal perspectives of the St. Francis Prayer.

By the conclusion of the meditations, you will have personally encountered all twelve petitions for peace found in the prayer, and hopefully will have discovered a deeper and more loving experience of being in—or being—a channel of God’s peace.

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For More information about this or other offerings by Theresa, visit Sacred Support Publishing.

This is real. This is happening.

It took me twenty-five (or 65?) years to write and publish my first book, and now she is finally here.

I am excited. Terrified. Delighted. Freaked out! It doesn’t feel real. I keep repeating, “This is real. This is happening,” and reminding myself to breathe and pray. Pray and breathe. And,

do the things that got me here, and maybe lay down for a spell.

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