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Nods of Love

We have been home for a week today. I am surprised by what memories come to mind, and which images stand out from the nearly 3,700 photos we took over thirty days in France and Spain.

I am delighted to discover some of the sights and feelings have not faded and that, in fact, some show up with an insistent tenderness for notice and appreciation. Like this one: feeding the crows at Jardin des Plantes on our last full day in Paris.

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Inside the walls of old Avignon

At lunch today, we talked a little about chores we’d face when home, finished our dessert, then stopped in at our apartment for a short rest.

It’s getting close to that time when there are fewer days than a week before we leave. I notice that funny little butterfly-feeling in my tummy that shows up when saying goodbye to fun new places and carefree, calorie-less (I wish) days of enjoyment. But… we are still here. Now.

We still have time for more late evening walks inside the walls of old Avignon.